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Appliance Repairs

The need for Appliance Repairs come at the most inconvenient times. We work on all makes and models. Listed below are a small sample of appliance repair headaches we can solve.
Refrigerator repair


Common Refrigerator Problems
Not Cooling
Ice Build Up
Won’t Turn On
Drip/Leaks Water
Error Code
Freezing Food in Fridge
Bad Smell
washer repair


Common Washer Programs
Not Filling w/ Water
Won’t Spin
Not Draining
Leaks Water or Oil
Wanders & Shakes
Off Balance
Makes Clanking Noise
dryer repair


Common Dryer Problems
Not Heating
Won’t Tumble/Spin
Taking too Long
Have to Run Loads Twice
Makes Squeaking/Thumping Sound
Hums & will not Turn
stove repair


Common Stove Problems
No Bake/Broil and/or Not Heating
Door Locked Shut and/or Won’t Close
Burner(s) Won’t Work and/or Light
Irregular Flame
Error Code
Cracked Stove Top
Temperature Off
dishwasher repair


Common Dishwasher Problems
Won’t Fill and/or Drain
Food/Film On Dishes
Leaks Water
Bad Odor
Door Won’t open
Lights Blink
Makes a Noise
microwave repair


Common Microwave Problems
Not Heating
No Power
Turntable Won’t Spin
Electrical Arcing/Sparking
Loud Hum
Counts down, but not running
Error Code(s)
garbage disposal repair


Common Disposal Problems
Water Backing up in Sink
Won’t Spin/Grind
Not Draining
Leaks Water
Hums, Won’t Run
Makes Noise
ice maker repair


Common Ice Maker Problems
No Ice
Extra Ice Buildup
Won’t Dispense Ice
Frost Buildup
Hollow Ice Cubes
oven repair

OVENS Repair

Common Oven Problems
No Bake/Broil and/or Not Heating
Gas Smell
Door Locked Shut and/or Won’t Close
Error Code
Temperature Off

Kitchen Appliances

For more information about your kitchen appliances check out Energy.Gov. On their website they give great tips on how to save in energy with your appliances. Taking care of your appliances on a regular basis will help you save in energy costs, as well as servicing costs. They provide some great tips on saving in electricity and water for your dishwasher and refrigerator.

And it is always importance to have your appliances serviced on a regular basis, thus reducing the cost for major repairs. Give us a call today to set up a time for one of our skilled technicians to come and service all your appliances.

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