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Refrigerator Repair

Liberty Appliance is Utah’s premier refrigerator repair company. Liberty Appliance is a local, family owned and operated business. Refrigerators and freezers are two of the many in-home appliances we repair. We are the leading experts in the field of refrigerator repair. We provide service and maintenance for refrigerators, such as condenser cleaning, and water line replacement.

A broken refrigerator not only means expenses to get it fixed, it could also potentially cause the food inside to spoil, and cost even more to replace it. Speed and efficiency are the keys to avoiding this catastrophe. You’re in luck since you are looking at the best when it comes to fast refrigerator service in Utah. Our teams of professional technicians have all the necessary knowledge, as well as years of experience in dealing with refrigerator issues. Please see the lists below for common issues/concerns you may run into.
refrigerator repair

Common Fridge Problems

  • Not Cooling Properly
  • Ice build up
  • Won’t Turn on
  • Hot around the doors
  • Drips/Leaks Water
  • Error Code(s)
  • Freezes Food in Fridge
  • Bad smell

Refrigerator Not Cooling

Many things can keep a refrigerator from cooling. Here is a trouble shooting guide you can use before seeking professional help.  If none of these solutions fix your problem, give Liberty Appliance Repair Service a call.

  • Check power to refrigerator by plugging a working lamp into its outlet
  • Make sure the fridge is turned on
  • Clear any food that may be preventing door from closing
  • Clear any food or containers that may be blocking cold airflow into fridge
  • Ensure the door fully closes on its own when released from an almost closed position (2-4 inches)
  • Check and clean condenser coils
fridge not cooling

Ice Build-up in Freezer

If you have ice build up in your fridge, take a look at the door and the seal. A faulty door seal is a common cause for ice buildup. Loose door hinges can also be a culprit. Both of these issues allow outside air to come into your fridge or freezer casusing ice to form. Your door shold shut tight and with an even seal.

ice build up in freezer

Refrigerator Leaks Water

A blocked defrost drain is one of the most common causes of water leaking from your refrigerator and is a good place to start troubleshooting. The small drain opening is easily blocked by food particles or ice, preventing water that accumulated during the defrost cycle from draining to the pan.

refrigerator leaking water

Freezes Food in Fridge

Most fridges have a cooling vent above or on the side of the top shelf. This is where most of the cold air comes from, so keeping food away from here may prevent freezing. Some side-by-side refrigerators (particularly older models) feature a vent that funnels cold air from the freezer into the fridge.

food freezes in frig

Bad Smell in Refrigerator

If your fridge stinks, there are a couple things to check. First of all, check the fridge for any old or spilled food. If after you give it a good cleaning it still smells bad, it may be the fridge itself. The inside of the fridge is plastic, and plastice absorbs odors. You can place baking soda, or coffee inside the fridge to help absorb and eliminate bad odors. You can also place a cotton swab saturated in vanilla to help with the odor.
bad smell in frig

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Won’t Turn Off, 

Condenser Fan Runs Continuously

Many times, when a condenser fan doesn’t shut off, it means your fridge is running non-stop.  However, with some designs, the condenser fan is hard-wired to run all the time.

Liberty Appliance has come up with a solution that fixes the issue with the older Sub-Zero refrigerators running their condenser fan all the time. Our Electrical Engineer has put together a simple redesign kit that only runs the condenser fan when it is needed.

subzero refrigerator fan won't turn off
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